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Speak Life

About us 

Speak Life Nation is a Faith-Based empowerment and holistic nonprofit organization established for women to unwind be inspired and receive practical tips, resources,  and an outlet  (online, and in-person)

to deal with the stresses of life. 


Inspiration 4 U Outlet

Enjoy your Newsletters, Spotlight Stories of some amazing women, and Resources. 

Our social gatherings are coordinated as an outlet for your next woosah moment. 

See what's next and JOIN US!!!


Why We Do It?


Empowering women to celebrate their greatness and embrace their true power and authority.


A STRESSBUSTER Experience!   Creating a space for women to simply have fun, relax their minds, rejuvenate their spirits and revive their dreams and aspirations.. 


Encouraging women to fellowship, bond and build networks with other powerful women to receive the inspiration and knowledge needed to uplift their communities and manage their personal lives

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