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Help us impact the lives of women.



Dear Business Owners and Community Leaders,

According to OSHA, stress costs the American industry more than 300 billion dollars annually. Some online researchers even go as far as dubbing "STRESS" as the 21st Century Black Death, akin to the Bubonic Plague. It's evident that stress, which is more prevalent among women, has become a significant concern. The Speak Life Empowerment Summit has found a tangible solution to counteract these negative effects. 

Your SPONSORSHIP and support can help us continue to provide an affordable community event dedicated to addressing this pressing issue. Speak Life offers sponsorship opportunities for businesses and corporate entities to collaborate with an organization that is actively working to mitigate the adverse impact of stress on women in their daily lives, whether at home, in the workplace, as well as in the community.

Join us in making a meaningful difference and promoting a stress-free environment for women. Your sponsorship can help us achieve our mission.

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