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Become A Vendor

Ladies, it is a scientifically proven fact that shopping therapy or retail therapy is a great stress relief. Women and shopping are like synonyms. Our community is for women who require a serious action plan for stress relief. They will have plenty of time to catch with friends, play, eat and shop.


I invite you to make the most of this opportunity, and Become a Vendor at Speak Life and showcase your products and service.



Benefits of being a vendor:

Any business owner thrives on customers and partnerships. Our community is the source for both. SPEAK LIFE is an ever-growing community with a lot of local and national press coverage. Every year we conduct events where enthusiastic women of different age groups gather to rejuvenate themselves.



We encourage our community’s women to also take part in retail therapy as a part of various stress relief programs we conduct. It is also a gathering for other businesses like yours, sponsors and event organizers.


Thus as a vendor you gain new & loyal customers, open up new channels through other partnerships and even get sponsors for your companies. So you not only gain good business but also help them relieve stress.  


Join US! Become part of a community of helping women thereby helping yourselves! 

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