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Become A Vendor

Ladies, it's a scientifically proven fact that retail therapy is an excellent stress reliever. For many women, shopping is synonymous with relaxation. Our community is dedicated to providing women with an effective stress relief action plan, giving them ample time to reconnect with friends, enjoy games, and delicious food, and indulge in shopping.

I invite you to seize this opportunity and become a vendor at Speak Life. Showcase your products and services to our audience and be part of this stress-relief experience.



Benefits of being a vendor:

Every business owner thrives on customers and valuable partnerships, and our community offers both. SPEAK LIFE is a continually growing community, we host events where women of various age groups come together for rejuvenation. We actively encourage the women in our community to participate in retail therapy. These events also provide an excellent platform for businesses like yours, sponsors, and event organizers to connect.

As a vendor, you not only gain new and loyal customers but also create new pathways for partnerships and potential sponsors for your business. By joining us, you contribute to the stress relief of these women while simultaneously expanding your business.

Come be a part of our community, where you're not just helping women, but you're also helping your own business thrive!

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