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Crystal M. NeVille


International Speaking Platform

With her fiery, down-to-earth delivery, Crystal NeVille leaves audiences across the nation enraptured and speaks victory into the lives of other women.


NeVille’s life is a reflection of so many women who have dealt with personal pain. Not only did she lose her father and brother within five months of each other, but five months later, she suffered a miscarriage followed by the devastating death of her mother. NeVille draws on those experiences along with enduring a divorce, depression and domestic violence to show women how they can victoriously overcome some of life’s hardest challenges.


NeVille puts her unique spin on some of today’s most talked-about phrases, offering a different perspective on a range of speaking topics suitable for a variety of audiences, including:

  • Forget You,” which encourages women to let go of fear and stop  being fake, false and fickle

  • Be Free” offers women the tools necessary to not be ashamed  and shrink no more

  • Flip the Switch” Turn your greatness on  

  • Fess Up” and realize you’re the change your community needs

  • "Retire the Cape" Wonderwoman and Superwoman are Myths 


A resident of Birmingham, Alabama, NeVille served in the United States Coast Guard for nine years and was a volunteer coordinator for KETH-TV 14, an affiliate station of Trinity Broadcasting Network. She is also the visionary and creative director of Speak Life Empowerment (formerly known as High Noon “StressBuster,”) which hosts The Ultimate Day Off, an annual community event where our goal is to simply uplift and heal the women in attendance.  We aim to Celebrate, Rejuvenate, and Inspire the women to take a break from their hectic lives and be STRESS-FREE.  Because you are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, embrace the fact that You are enough - Be Unapologetically You.   


NeVille has been married to her supportive husband, Gary, since 1987. She is a mother to four adult children and a grandmother of four.


Contact the Speak Life office for speaking engagements at (205) 588-0517/  You can also, visit Crystal's website at

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